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"Committed to the representation of growers on issues 
directly affecting the future of their industry

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Grain Producers Australia (GPA) represents Australia's broadacre, grain, pulse and oilseed producers at the national level. GPA was created to foster a strong, innovative, globally... 

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The Policy Development Framework is the key business process of Grain Producers Australia. The framework is used to develop well researched and responsible policy to protect and promote...

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Notice of 2019 AGM

AGM 2018
AGM of Grain Producers Australia Limited will be held at 9.00am Tuesday 11 June 2019.
South Australia
The agenda will be updated soon.

Grains Guide website

Grains Guide website 
Leaders of grain farming associations from across Australia worked with growers, advisers and technical specialists to prepare a new Growing Australioan Grain guide.  This new website and guide provides information on legal and market requirements and other practices that can help to protect the integrity of our grain and production systems.

View the Grains Guide website

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