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Grain Producers Australia - Policy Review Committee

The GPA Board appoints the Policy Review Committee (PRC), whose function is to provide guidance to GPA staff in developing appropriate responses to emerging issues. The PRC provides assurance to the board that the policies meet an appropriate quality standard. The PRC does not engage directly in policy development, rather it is charged with implementing and maintaining the Policy Development Framework to enable GPA staff to engage and empower stakeholders with the responsibility of developing policy for the grains industry.

The Policy Review Committee (PRC) membership will initially be limited to six members, which includes three Board directors and one committee member per region. The membership may be expanded to nine members, by adding one more committee member per region. The PRC will be responsible for the integrity of the Policy Development Framework. For this reason, PRC members should be drawn from the GPA membership and must be willing and able to contribute to the work of the committee.

Capabilities for the Policy Review Committee as a whole
The GPA Board, in selecting members for the PRC, should ensure that the PRC has the following capabilities:

  • passion and commitment
  • relevant interest and experience
  • sufficient industry coverage/perspective including geography and policy portfolios
  • capacity to take an objective view with interest of the whole industry paramount
  • commercial acumen
  • conceptual or technical skills that can add value.
For more information on the Policy Review Committee, please refer to the GPA Proposal and GPA Policy Development Framework.

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