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What is the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program?

The Grains Farm Biosecurity Program is an initiative managed by Plant Health Australia and administered by Grains Producers Australia, which improves the management of, and preparedness for, biosecurity risks in the grains industry at the farm gate and industry level.

Launched in 2007, the program is a partnership between the grains industry, state and territory governments and PHA. The program is funded through a combination of levies and state primary industry agency contributions.

Developed to equip the grains industry when responding to exotic pest threats, the program raises awareness of pest threats among growers and other industry players. Industry leaders and supporters are regularly involved to assist in communicating key messages and providing grain growers with practical and expert training for the improvement of on-farm biosecurity.

PHA has developed a Farm Biosecurity Manual for the Grains Industry to highlight important information for growers about good biosecurity practices. The practices outlined in the manuals can be incorporated into day-to-day operations to help growers secure their farms against the threat of pests and diseases. Visit the PHA website to download your free copy of the manual.

To help grain growers practice good biosecurity on their farms on their farms, the program employs Grains Biosecurity Officers in five states (Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland).

Grains Biosecurity Officers are dedicated to supporting grain growers in improving biosecurity on their farms. They promote how important biosecurity is to the grains industry for maintaining grower livelihoods.

In the event of a serious pest threat, Grains Biosecurity Officers are on hand to provide expert support and help with the design and implementation of response measures under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Agreement, which operates between governments and Australia's plant industries.

Specifically, Grains Biosecurity Officers help grain growers by:

  • Assisting with emergency response should there be a new pest outbreak
  • Encouraging biosecurity best-practice on-farm Raising awareness of biosecurity issues including pest and disease threats and good farm hygiene practice
  • Promoting grains industry champions, leaders and advocates of good biosecurity practice
  • Informing people about the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed, the role of Plant Health Australia and the exotic plant pest hotline
  • Contributing data into the national surveillance database (National Plant Surveillance Reporting Tool) from Victoria to support "Area Freedom" to importing countries

To reach your nearest Grains Biosecurity Officer, contact Plant Health Australia on 02 6215 7700 or visit
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