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Biosecurity Officers in Profile

Your Grains Biosecurity Officers in Profile

Victoria – Jim Moran

Jim Moran became Victoria's Grains Biosecurity Officer in early 2009. Previously, Jim was involved in farm business planning workshops and developing, promoting and implementing an Environmental Management System project for Victorian farmers.

Jim studied Agricultural Science in Melbourne and has continued his studies throughout employed life, completing a Diploma in Frontline Management, Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Management and Extension and a Masters degree in Science (Strategic Foresight). Jim is married with three children and lives in Castlemaine. His passions, besides family, include managing and playing with the local over 35's football team, surviving triathlons and following the fortunes of his beloved Collingwood.

Jim organises various activities with farmers and relevant networks, the regularly chats to the media, presenting at events such as field days and conferences.

Jim's success has come with planning and collaborating with various groups such as Southern Farming Systems, the Birchip Cropping Group, GrainCorp, the Australian Agricultural Contractors Association, project representatives in the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (CROPSAFE, Landscape Protection, Sustainable Landscapes, Plant Standards), GRDC, TAFE, Agrisearch, all of which have large, engaged farmer networks.

Good relationships with these groups have enabled Jim to help producers by distributing;
  • 800 Farm Biosecurity fence signs
  • 1200 Farm Biosecurity Manuals and pest Fact Sheets
  • Editorials in newsletters sent to over 2,000 members
  • Numerous Biosecurity Presentations to over 800 people
  • Attendance with display and promo material at 12 popular farming field days around Victoria
  • Eight training workshops to develop biosecurity site plans
  • Media releases

Other achievements include;
  • Collecting data from 12 crop trial managers to support a "proof of absence" picture for the grains industry in Victoria
  • Developing various skills and training exercises training exercises
  • Presenting at Grain Storage Workshops Nominating farmers for the 2010 Biosecurity Farmer of the Year Award
  • Five Farm Biosecurity Audits
  • Collecting photos and preparing case studies of farmer advocates

The program continues to strive towards a better prepared grains sector that can identify an exotic pest, report it and respond quickly to eradicate it. Equally, the grains industry has increased its preparedness through comparisons with pest outbreaks in other industries. These outbreaks highlight the trade restrictions, income and management penalties and hardship that will occur should we become complacent about exotic pest threats that are on our doorstep.

Jim Moran is on-hand to provide biosecurity training or audits to identify and manage potential biosecurity risks to farms.
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