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GPA launches Federal Election Priorities


30 April 2019

Grain Producers Australia launches 2019 election priorities
Grain Producers Australia has launched its 2019 election priorities.

“This election, Grain Producers Australia on behalf of Australia’s grain producers, seeks a commitment from political leaders to invest in the Australian grains industry,” said Mr Andrew Weidemann, GPA Chairman.

"The Australian grains industry is worth 14 billion to the domestic economy with an additional $12 billion is earned from exports.

“We need access to the tools necessary to further grow the capacity, profitability and productivity of the Australian grains industry. Deeper strategic partnerships between government and industry, from the farm gate through to the export market, will enhance the ability of the Australian grains industry to achieve its full potential both domestically and internationally.

“Our key election ask is to prioritise an industry review with powers to compel evidence. It is ten years since deregulation and it is time for the issues still hampering our industry to be fully investigated.

“This review must focus on the mechanisms necessary to improve grower profitability and improve the competitiveness of both growers and a broad range of post-farm gate businesses.

“Blocked information flow, ongoing volatility caused by lack of payment security and some of the highest storage, handling and transport costs in the world are undermining the efforts producers are making to reduce costs and increase their productivity.

“It is time to have a good look at our industry,” he said. “Improved farmer profitability, market access, growth potential and increased value to the broader economy will only occur after transparent analysis and then action on the current impediments.

Grain Producers Australia has a list of six key election priorities. In addition to an industry review these include:
  • Access to vital agricultural chemicals.
  • Securing broad-based biosecurity funding to reduce risk to Australian agriculture and broader society.
  • New technologies to transform Australian agriculture, with grain producers having the ability to control the use of the data collected.
  • Action to ensure fuel security for Australian agriculture.
  • The transformation of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) into an Industry Owned Corporation (IOC) to ensure Australian grain producers can achieve enhanced productivity and profitability from their levy investments.

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Further information:
  • Andrew Weidemann, Chairman, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0428 504 544
  • Maddison McNeil, Executive Officer, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0432 988 694
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