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1 April 2011 - GPA Launches Policy First for Grains

Grain Producers Australia Limited (GPA) launched its Policy Development Framework (framework) this week in an industry leading initiative to provide grains stakeholders with a clear and transparent protocol for developing industry policy.

The framework sets out how GPA will respond to emerging grains issues and engage stakeholders in the development of policy. The framework was developed from the main concepts outlined in the GPA Proposal document and then fleshed out at a stakeholder workshop in Canberra in January.

GPA Southern Region Director and VFF Grains Group President, Andrew Weidemann launched the framework at the GPA Regional Forum in Horsham on Monday, saying "GPA has developed the framework document to a working draft and is now seeking feedback from industry as the final stage of its development. The protocol outlined in the document should provide confidence for all stakeholders about the rigour and ultimate credibility of the GPA policy process."

Mr Weidemann said, "GPA recognised that the first thing we had to do was get our internal and external processes sorted out. The framework clearly defines the key piece of the GPA business and we created a project around the framework development process, which was generously funded by Grain Growers Limited."

GPA Chairman, Pete Mailler said, "GPA has been built on fundamental principles around openness, transparency and accountability. The Policy Development Framework is all about encapsulating those principles in our policy processes."

Mr Mailler said, "The launch of the framework is a key milestone in our capability as a truly effective national grower advocate. In developing our capacity to operate within the framework, we have had to make significant investment in our web interface which has also seen GPA launch the new web site this week. GPA can now be found at"

The Policy Development Framework is available on the GPA website and industry has been invited to provide feedback to GPA on the document at


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