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28 June 2012 - Grain Producers Welcome Political Support for Wheat Market Oversight

Grain Producers Australia (GPA) has welcomed the support of the Federal Coalition, key Independents and The Greens in the ongoing effort to win sensible reform of the Australian export wheat marketing regulatory framework.
GPA Chairman, Pete Mailler said, "The overwhelming majority of Australian growers want to maintain an independent authority to oversee the wheat market and ensure that growers needs are well served in the market. This meant that growers were generally opposed to the proposed Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill (the Bill) which was due to be debated in Parliament this sitting."
The Bill would have implemented the Federal Government's plan to further deregulate the wheat market, abolish the industry funded regulator and the funding mechanism and replace port access undertakings with a voluntary code of practice which is not yet developed.
Mr Mailler said, "State farming organisations including Grain Producers South Australia, NSW Farmers Association, Victorian Farmers Federation and AgForce Grains have been working together with the national body over many months to win political support to defer and/or defeat the Bill."
The Bill was due to be debated in the Lower House last Wednesday, but intense lobbying by grower representatives saw that deadline pass by and subsequent commitments from the Coalition, Greens and Independent MPs, especially Tony Windsor, has seen the Government set aside the Legislation indefinitely.
Mr Mailler said, "Delaying the Bill is a great reprieve for growers in this debate, but the hard work is still in front of us in working through the political process to get better Legislation around the wheat market. GPA will continue to work proactively and constructively with all stakeholders to develop legislation that will drive competition and equity in the wheat market to get the best outcome possible for growers."
For more information please contact:  Pete Mailler 0427 265 707
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