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31 March 2014 - GPA Calls for Commonsense Agriculture

Media Release
Monday 31st March 2014

Does newly appointed South Australian Agriculture Minister Leon Bignell know something that more than two decades of studies undertaken by governments, regulators, scientists and universities world-wide have failed to find?

Chairman of Grain Producers Australia, Andrew Weidemann, said that it is disappointing to see a government minister undermining the safety and quality of Australian food and fibre not to mention the nation’s regulatory system in this way.

Now more than ever we need to talk up Australian agriculture rather than cast dispersions over the legal, safe and environmentally friendly food and fibre produced by farmers using GM-enhanced seeds.

“The Australian community and farmers deserve better from a government leader rather than these scandalous claims which are detrimental to Australian farmers,” Mr Weidemann said.

If Australian agriculture is to capitalise on the opportunity to feed and clothe the growing middle class in Asia, we need all the tools that we can get our hands on to manage the climate we deal with on a daily basis.

“Lauding the innovation of Aussie farmers on the one hand and castigating them for using lawful technology on the other is simply ludicrous.

“Leon Bignell says that he is willing to listen to farmers views on this topic: consider this an invitation to do just that Minister, ” Mr Weidemann said.

Three trillion meals containing GM food have been consumed and there has not been one single substantiated health claim anywhere.

“And lets not forget that Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria also manage to successfully market themselves as ‘clean and green’ without preventing farmers from using new technology or ridiculing them for doing so,” Mr Weidemann said.

To obtain science-based, factual information about GM crops please go to: ‘The Official Australian Reference Guide to Agricultural Biotechnology and GM Crops


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