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Becoming a member of GPA

GPA membership is administered independently by National Grower Register Pty Ltd (NGR).  GPA's decision to engage NGR for this role reflects their reputation as a trusted information service provider to the grains industry.  NGR's external registration and recording process provides a secure and auditable means of keeping accurate membership details. 

GPA Membership fees are made up of two parts:

  1. A membership application fee of $50.00 plus GST. 
  2. An annual subscription linked to the gross value of production of each member. 2018/19 subscriptions are calculated as a function of gross value of production for the twelve months to June 30 2018.  The 2018/19 subscription is 0.035% of gross farm gate value of production (GVP), with a $50 minimum plus GST. For example, for $200,000 of GVP members will pay $70.00 of subscription plus GST.

The amount of subscription fees paid by each member will be used to determine each member's voting entitlement.

New Membership - On-line Registration

Existing Members (with new email address) - Online Registration

Following is the off-line regisration form for new Memberships and Renewals:

GPA looks forward to a productive partnership between GPA and grain producers across the country and reaffirm our commitment to an open and constructive working relationship with all sectors of the grains supply chain.
Existing GPA Members: please Edit your Membership Profile then select the "GVP" tab to update your Gross Value of Production to renew your GPA Membership Subscription.
Please Contact Us if you need any assistance.
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