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Grain Producers Australia - Membership Benefits

GPA provides an equitable system where all grain producers can contribute to the advocacy at a national level. GPA is commercially focused and committed to increasing returns to growers through constructive engagement to improve the strength and efficiency of the entire grains supply chain. 

The GPA model features direct membership of grain producers regardless of any other affiliation, and is funded by voluntary membership subscriptions. GPA members' influence over the company and its processes reflects  the size of their enterprise by linking their voting entitlement to their subscription.

A major benefit to members is that GPA has assumed all the roles and responsibilities of the former Grains Council of Australia.

Two key roles include:

  • the oversight of GRDC for and on behalf of growers under the PIERD Act; and
  • being responsible for determining the grains industry response to bio security incursions with Plant Health Australia.

GPA facilitates policy development for the industry in line with our Policy Development Framework.  Further structural and operational details are contained in the GPA Proposal document. GPA is clearly focused on national issues and membership of GPA is not a substitute for any existing membership of state based bodies.  GPA does not intend to engage in issues pertaining to state or local jurisdictions.  It will seek to compliment the work of existing groups at the national level through a process which is outlined in the GPA Policy Development Framework.

pdf GPA Policy Development Framework (371 Kb)

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