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GPA Submission to the Diuron Chemical Review

GPA's 30 September 2011 submission in response to the  DIURON Chemical Review Regulation Impact Statement.  Grain Producers Australia Limited (GPA) calls for common sense in spray regulations in its formal response to the current review of the use Diuron in Australia.

GPA is concerned that the submission and assessment provided by DSEWPaC is inherently flawed and demonstrates an unacceptable bias by the department in terms of the impact and attitude of agriculturists. Furthermore the DSEWPaC has made a case for impact of Diuron based on cultural practices that are out of date and do not reflect the way in which broadacre grain producers currently farm and mitigate the potential impact the of Diuron.

The environmental impacts of the removal of Diuron for use in broadacre crop production systems will be profound. Diuron is a critical product used strategically in rotation to enable producers to retain crop residues and minimise or eliminate the need for soil tillage. This retention of crop residue and minimum tillage is regarded as the single most effective method of reducing water runoff and soil movement and is considered one of the most relevant measures of agricultural sustainability and key in reducing sedimentation of aquatic and marine areas. Removal of Diuron from the broadacre farming system will directly contribute to negative impacts on water quality entering riverine and marine environments.

GPA asserts that the DSEWPaC has failed to prove its case or justify its recommendations. The DSEWPaC's methodology and conclusions are demonstrably unsound and the recommendations are unsuitable for implementation by industry, research or government agencies in their regulatory and policy processes.

If APVMA decides to suspend the registration of Diuron for use in broadacre cropping, it needs to do so in the full knowledge that this action will have a significant, disproportionate and detrimental impact on the environmental stewardship capacity of the broadacre grain industry across Australia.

To read the full GPA submission, click on the link below.

pdf GPA Submission to the Diuron Chemical Review (76 Kb)
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