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GPA Submission to the Better Regulation of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals

GPA's 29 February 2012 submission to the Better Regulation of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals - Draft AgVET Chemcials Legislation Amendment Bill 2011. The key points of this submission are the need for
  1. greater access to have formal input into APVMA through a Chemical Users Consultative Committee
  2. appropriate consultation and thorough and substantive scientifically rigorous peer review of any submissions around chemical registration, use or risk assessment.
  3. 3. more effective process for minor use and emergency use permit applications to enable chemical users more capacity to solve production challenges in workable timeframes
  4. introduction of a new class of contingency permits, that allow grain producers to effectively pre-empt and manage foreseeable threats to production
  5. improved labelling guidelines and consistency including "sanity" checks
  6. recognition of industry stewardship programs and competencies in risk assessment and mitigation strategy
  7. incorporation of a Net Environmental Impact Risk Assessment component in the risk framework which enables APVMA to consider the role of any chemistry in production systems and the impact to the environment of potential changes to production systems from the registration of a compound or product.
To read the complete submission, please click on the link below.

pdf GPA Submission AgVet Chemicals Better Regulation (412 Kb)